Feeling Euphoric: Stand like The Hummingbird

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Feeling Euphoric with Jordan. And wow. Just wow. That’s all I have to stay about episode 5 of HBO’s Euphoria. This episode was by far the craziest and most polarizing episode of this show ever and has me excited for the rest of the season. 

The episode opens up with a frustrated Rue and her mother arguing over her use of drugs. Rue’s mom is informed by Jules that Rue is no longer clean. But Rue is more worried about something else. The thing on Rue’s mind is the stash of narcotics that she has in her room that she is supposed to sell and flip for profit. Rue goes absolutely nuts around the house looking for the stash. You truly see how strong Zendaya’s acting is as she goes on a fit of rage while also portraying substance withdrawal is phenomenal.

After a heated conversation, Rue agrees to go back to rehab and take another attempt at living clean, so she joins her family for a car ride for a better life… That is what we’re led to think. 

Here is the first of many crazy jumps this episode takes. Rue straight up gets out of the car and starts running to hide from her mom and little sister, Gia. Her crazy sprint off the freeway leads her back to her childhood friend, Lexi, home to find shelter. The stop at Lexi’s house is extremely important because this is the first time we see two of the storylines this season connect and sets the pace for a wild episode. 

While Rue is in the house, Cassie, Maddy and Lexi are all there. It is apparent that something is wrong with Rue. She shows the early phases of withdrawal, in which she looks like a mess and is in apparent pain. Rue’s mom and Gia come in trying to take Rue back. 

This is where Rue essentially shows she has nothing to lose and puts others into danger as she tells Maddy about what has been going on between Nate and Cassie. Rue uses this gaslighting tactic to start a fight between everyone and as her opportunity to get out of the house. 

These outlandish senses are amazing as it has you on the edge of your seat while you wonder how Rue is still alive or even operating while she’s dodging cops and her family on her great escape. 

Her runaway ends with her back at the substance dealer’s house as she frantically tries to explain why she will not be able to pay back her dues. After a somewhat wholesome interaction, the dealer tries to calm her down and take care of her, but in reality, it’s nothing more than another plot twist. 

Rue ends up unconscious because of the dealer. This then cuts to Rue still in the house with no time period of how long she has been held, but she manages to find a way to escape. To me this episode is what makes Euphoria so great the up and downwards spiral of Rue and her addiction goes into full effect while also keeping up with other storylines in the show, I loved it I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode, the episode left me with a feeling like I was rue running and hopping around. I love the way the episodes are all over the place while also being organized and how it makes you think through everything in the episode it was the peak episode of the season to me and I’m very interested to see where the show takes you from. Jordan out.




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