Softball Stuns The Chargers

The Brahmas’ softball team completely baffled Churchill’s hitters and pitchers as the team routed the Chargers 21-0.

On Thursday, Feb. 15, starting pitcher Mady Collins and the rest of the softball team completed a no-hitter against the rival Churchill team. The team scored 14 runs in the sixth inning, dominating in their first official district game of the season.

Infielder, Gabby Sosa, batted for three hits in the game, including a first-inning triple that got the Brahmas’ offense going, as well as a sixth-inning homer. 

“The two things that allowed me to get those hits were both the mental confidence as well as my team’s support,” Sosa said. “The most important thing during that at bat was the support from the team and the confidence they had in me. I could hear the team cheering me on from inside the batter’s box which gave me the motivation to do even better for my team.”

After Sosa’s home run, she celebrated with an iconic griddy dance after her teammates encouraged her to do it.

“Honestly it was one big joke at first,” Sosa said. “Right before our game we were joking on the bus that if I hit a home run I had to hit the griddy. We never expected it to actually happen so when it did it caught me by surprise in a funny way. As I was rounding third, I heard the team yelling to hit it so I did.”

Sosa’s home run was a huge morale boost for the team and helped them complete the no-hitter.

“I think after [Gabby Sosa’s] home run we all started connecting a lot better because in the beginning of the game we didn’t have energy, but when she hit that, it brought us together and made us wanna work for each other,” Mady Collins said.

Collins was maybe the biggest star of the game for the Brahmas, getting the win for the team, allowing zero hits and not allowing a single walk.

“[The no-hitter] felt good,” Collins said. “I’ve thrown no-hitters before but I was really proud of myself that game because I knew I was throwing hard and I was playing with my team.” 

The team continues to defend it’s district champion title earned last year, and is learning to deal with the pressure placed on them by extremely high expectations.

“There are always people out there that will doubt us due to the fact that we lost seniors and have new starters coming in,” Sosa said. “We want to not only prove them wrong but prove to ourselves that we are capable of more no matter who goes and comes.”


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