Inspiring Women Inspired by Women

March is Women’s History Month. This month is all about recognizing and celebrating women’s contributions to society and in history. To celebrate Women’s History Month I asked some women on campus which woman inspires them the most. 


Ms. Reagan Beres, AVID Teacher: “The woman I most admire is Emma Tenayuca because she’s relatable, she’s a teacher from San Antonio and she fought for workers rights. Sometimes we see these figures that are larger than life and it’s hard to relate to them, but she’s a normal person who did a lot of good in the world.”


Mrs. Bianca Benoit, History Teacher: “The woman who inspires me the most is Elizabeth I, for what she did for England, for being a strong leader, for not backing down when the men tried to make her change her stance, and for staying in power as long as she did with so many odds against her.”


Mrs. Alexandria Clark Gonzales, English Department Head: “The woman who inspires me the most is Ruth Bader Ginsberg because she fought for the rights of all people in this country. As well as my niece Lillian Struthers because even though she’s nine years old, she’s fearless.”


Ms. Tammie Bennett, English Teacher: “The woman who inspires me the most is Temple Grandin, despite having autism she became an animal behaviorist and scientist and has done remarkable work. Back in her day when she was just starting out doing that, it wasn’t a very expected thing because she was a woman.” 


Mrs. Tamara Torru, Basketball Coach: “The woman who inspires me the most is Becky Hammon, women’s basketball coach for the Spurs. She’s done a lot to cross over boundaries that people haven’t even tried to attempt to do. I think it opens up a gate for all of us, not just for women’s basketball but in general.” 

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