Harry’s House: As It Was

Again for a third time the music gods have blessed us with another album from Harry Styles. The album, Harry’s House, was announced on March 23 on his social media platforms with the album cover and the release date, May 20. On March 30, there was a tease trailer for “As It Was”, a new single Harry was going to drop before the completed album. In the YouTube title, it says “coming soon”. This led me to believe that he’s saying the song is coming out along with the album because it’s right around the corner, but no. March 31 at 6 p.m. nothing but pure bliss. 

The Video: 

When I heard the song for the first time, I was starstruck all over again. His bright red coat pops so well in the first couple of scenes, especially since it contrasts against the darker suits around him. Then, when he walks back through the door, an outfit change comes out of nowhere. 

Still in the color red, his two-piece sequined, striped outfit was a slim fit. The red and blue outfits on Harry and the other women in the video really reflected the disconnection that Harry sings about. I saw it as the two people that are on extreme opposing sides that fell in love with each other. But the same thing that attracted them to each other is the same thing that is driving them apart. 

After he looks up, the setting changes from the spinning circle room to over the pool. My favorite part is when he disrobes to his underwear and fell in love all over again. Next, the two laid out, spread arm’s length apart. The patterns gave me a flashback to “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye. I thought the songs’ meanings were very similar but sang at a different stage of the breakup. Harry’s being recent and still holding on to sad, heartbroken emotions, while Gotye is more in the anger and resentment stage. When the wall started to pull apart I feel like it symbolized their relationship was officially broken, and that they knew they couldn’t stop it. 

Now I don’t really understand the end. It could just be extra shots of Harry and his handsome smile, or that after the relationship he was able to find himself again. In general, my thought process could be completely wrong but that’s what the song looks and sounds like to me. 


Unanswered questions

  • Who is the little girl’s voice in the beginning? 
  • Who is the lady in blue? 
  • Will there be a tour for the Harry’s House album? 


Harry is doing what he does best, writing emotion-filled songs normally about heartbreak or basking in the best emotions of pure romantic passion. I am very excited about the new album, which I hope is nowhere near his last. I’m also praying that there is another tour so that I can see his beautiful face again. Until May 20 or a drop of another single, which I highly doubt, I will be tracking down everything Harry Styles-related so you don’t have to. 

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