ASL Wetmore Elementary Trip

On April 1, ASL III-IV classes traveled to Wetmore Elementary during all three lunch periods to perform songs, teach ASL, and answer questions about high school ASL classes. 

Every Friday, elementary schools in NEISD have a “club Friday” activity in which students from grades K-5 choose which clubs they want to join. Wetmore has a new ASL club where students have visitors come and teach them basic ASL.

This year, Mr. Kitterman sent students to Wetmore to perform songs that will appear in the 2022 ASL Talent Show and to teach the younger students beginner ASL. 

“I love going on trips like this for ASL,” senior and ASL IV student Bella Lopez said. “It’s so fun to teach little kids about this class I love being a part of.”

Seniors Bella Lopez and Maddie Wood perform their songs for Wetmore students.



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