In Your Honor-NHS Induction Ceremony

On March 24, the National Honors Society selected and inducted new members into the organization. The ceremony, held in the auditorium, was run by NHS officers accompanied by JROTC and the orchestra. They welcomed many new members ranging from freshmen to juniors. 

Current National Honors Society members, including historian Kassimira Saltchez (12), treasurer Ruben Rueda (11), parliamentary Lauren Daniels (12), and reporter Rodrigo Enriquez (11), came to support the new inductees and help run the ceremony.

Many members of the faculty were also in attendance at the ceremony. Principal Joaquin and Hernandez and Assistant Principal Andrew Clewett were both in attendance to shake hands with the new members and speak on how much it means to be inducted into NHS.

At the start of the ceremony, the new inductees walk down to the stage, saying hi to parents and loved ones while the orchestra plays them in. Sophomores Eli Cox, Isabel Cortes, Alisa Conchas, and Emma Casores stand as the induction process starts.      

Barrett Brown (12) played his cello with the orchestra helped welcome loved ones who attended the ceremony by playing various songs before the commencement of the ceremony.

One thing the National Honors Society takes very seriously is their four pillars: Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character. Daniels lights the four pillars symbolizing responsibility and power.

During the ceremony, new National Honor Society members receive a certificate as they get inducted. Jillian “Macie” Brayden (11) officially gets commended into the honors society alongside Principal Joaquin Hernandez.

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