Read This: Summer Reading Suggestions

If you’re looking for books to read this summer, here are some of my favorites I read this school year. 


Memoirs of a Geisha

The book follows the life of a fictional geisha Chiyo. You read as she grows up in an average home before being sold to an oikaya by her father. After this, her life as a geisha starts. The writing is beautiful and the story truly feels like you’re watching a geisha live her life as if she’s not a fictional character.


White Oleander

This book is full of emotion with fantastic writing. If you have a rocky relationship with your mom, you’ll love this one! This book follows a young girl named Astrid on her journey to several foster homes after her mom is sent to prison for murdering her boyfriend. You read as she learns life lessons her mom wouldn’t have been able to provide. I loved this book and it’s a beautiful story. 


The Couple Next Door

If you like mysteries try The Couple Next Door. When parents go to a quiet dinner party next door they leave their baby at home and check on her in 30-minute increments. They’re just next door, so it should be fine. Of course, it can’t be fine though, as the mom checks on her baby she realizes she’s not there anymore. This book is full of plot twists and you never see the end coming, really. The pieces slowly fall into place and the ending is a shocker. 


Geek Love

Lastly, Geek Love. The book follows a family of “geeks” who run a carnival. Each of the children has something “wrong” with them, though this is ideal for the parents who run the carnival. The mother is given various drugs and substances to ensure the child is born with a deformity.  It’s very interesting and the writing is really good.

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