Planet Fitness Free Teen Summer Membership

This summer, Planet Fitness’s around San Antonio are offering free summer memberships for teens that include fringe benefits, and the only thing teens have to do is sign up online. The membership is free to teens 14-19, but teens under the age of 18 will be required to sign up with parental consent. The membership will be offered at all Planet Fitness locations, and will grant members access to all workout equipment within the gym, but not access to exclusive perks offered with other memberships that require fees. 

To join, teens simply go online, fill out a little bit of information, (If under the age of 18 you are required to fill out parent/guardian info as well.) and then you recieve your membership through an email. After you’ve joined you get the ability to walk in, use your membership, and work out whenever you want. But another great perk offered with the membership is the chance to win up to a 5,000 dollar scholarship directly from Planet Fitness. 

When you sign up for the Free Teen Summer Membership, you are automatically entered in a chance to win a $500 scholarship, with one awarded per state. Plus, you’ll be entered to win a $5,000 grand prize scholarship. This offer will last through May 16-August 31. 


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