Pop Show: Choir Shine Their Light

Aperture sings during Pop Show. Photo by Vinson Van

“We’ll be the light that’s turning

Bottle up and keep on shining

You can prove there’s more to you

You cannot be afraid…”

(“Come Alive” from “The Greatest Showman”)

Brothers, Noah and Joshua Hernandez sing a duet. Photo by Jocelyn Mada

For the first time since COVID, the choir has been able to put on their annual Pop Show. On May 19 and 20, choir members joined together to present two different shows filled with different recognizable pop songs.

“I actually opened the show with the song ‘Come Alive’ [from the Greatest Showman],” PFC member, junior Avery Weaver, said. “That one was very nerve-wracking because the tempo was crazy, but once I got it I thought it was great.”

The choir students stayed after school in the days prior to the show to practice with guest choreographers Carla Sankey and Kimberly Ingram. 

“Overall the rehearsal process was great because we had each other in the audience cheering the groups on,” Weaver said. “It built up that confidence for us to be ready to perform when it came to showtime.”

PFC performs their competition set for the final time. Photo by Jocelyn Mada

The choir acapella groups, Aperture and PFC (Premier and Final Cut), each did special performances. PFC also performed their competition set for the first time to a public audience. 

“That was just a very emotional set that was our way to say goodbye to this group and everything we’ve accomplished this year,” Weaver said. “I personally think we rocked it.”

The Pop Show ended with an invitation for 2020 and 2021 alumni to join the choir in singing “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John.

“Pop Show is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve taken part in,” Weaver said. “I think everyone should go [to Pop Show] in future years because it doesn’t matter if you’re a band nerd or if you’re an orchestra kid, everybody loves Pop Show.”

Hannah Plummer-Balew and Teagan leader sing a duet. Photo by Vinson Van


Senior Noah Hernandez sings his final solo “My Way” by Frank Sinatra”. Photo by Jocelyn Mada.
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