David and Lisa Auditions

Auditions for “David and Lisa” are this week. “David and Lisa” is a 1962 play written by Eleanor Perry. When teenager David Clemens develops a fear of physical touch his mom sends him to a home for other kids like him, where he meets Lisa. They both have their own problems so how could they possibly build a relationship?

 If this sounds interesting, auditions will be held Wednesday, Aug. 24 after school in the auditorium. Call backs will be at the same time the next day, then on Friday the cast list will be announced. 

“Students should expect to see themselves in the characters on stage,” theatre director Ms. Mahalia Dinglasan said. “While not everyone suffers from mental illness, the characters face challenges we all do at some point. Maintaining meaningful relationships, working through tough family dynamics, trying to figure out our place in the world, and more.”


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