Facts about the Faculty: Meet Mr. Cintron

This year we are fortunate to have many new teachers and staff, who teach different subjects, manage different classes, are new to the counseling and administration staff, all who contribute to making our school a better place each day.


Mr. Cintron, a Dual Language History teacher, is new to Mac this year;

Q1: How many years have you been teaching?

This will be my 16th year as a teacher. 

Q2: What do you love most about teaching?

Being able to help students achieve their goals (academic, personal, professional)

Q3: What made you want to teach at Mac? 

After 9 years teaching middle school, I decided to go back to highschool; I heard good things about Mac from a lot of people.

Q4: What are you most excited for this school year?

Preparing AP students for the AP test, meeting new people (Staff/students)

Q5: Where did you used to teach?

Bradley Middle School

Q6: How different is Mac compared to anywhere else you have worked? 

It is a huge building compared to other schools I’ve worked at.

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