Halloween In August

POV: running into Marshalls to escape the scorching heat of August. Then welcomed by short sleeves, shorts, and fun-in-the-sun decorations. While perusing the aisles there’s a pumpkin, the thought “wow this is a bit early!”. While turning down the next aisles, mountains of Halloween decorations bombard the path; happiness hits, a love for Halloween consumes you, then to be let down by the reality of Halloween is still more than 50 days away.  


Halloween decorations should be kept in the month of October. 


If Halloween decorations are up all year round it loses the spooky effect. When people are exposed to material regularly in their lives it becomes their normal. Since we’re getting older the magic of these holidays are already fading, so making it the norm and getting us to lose that feeling isn’t fair. Business owners should wait till October to start opening up stores such as “Spirit”. Same with regular retail stores and their Halloween displays. 


Business owners that already have Halloween decor are exploiting the lost feelings we had as kids. We are now more inclined to buy more to make up for those lost feelings. Not only are they making bank off of us, but when Halloween does get here, there are already Christmas decorations up, hardly any Thanksgiving items, and no Halloween anything in sight. 


The two people who benefit from early Halloween marketing are the people who participate in house decorating competitions since they are able to prepare earlier, and the corporations of America. They know the weaknesses of the people and especially exploit the feelings we have to make us buy more. 


When Halloween decorations come out during October the spirit of Halloween makes them spooky. This spooky feeling is the building block that makes Halloween special. Halloween was made for October. 

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