Lockhart Meet in Review

Cross Country went to Lockhart City Park on Sept. 3 to run in a 2.2k race.


The Cross Country team holds up their horns before the meet begins. The team competed in their first meet an hour and a half away at Lockhart City Park.


Samantha Osorio (17th), Juan Plaza (18th), and Giselle Stem (19th), earn a bronze medal. Running for Varsity at the meet, these athletes placed top 20 in their race.


The Varsity Boys huddle up for a prayer and some team encouragement. Before beginning their race, the boys supported each other to calm their nerves.


Sophia Muñoz sprints to the finish line. Muñoz finished her 2.2k race in 17:03.


Coach Velebil gives Giselle a pep talk. After medaling in the race, Coach pulled her aside to give her pointers on how to improve her time and not get discouraged.


Asher Lambert fights for his place before crossing the finish line. Lambert pushed himself to compete, using his last ounce of energy.
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