The Write Decision

Yet again, college applications and essays have returned to haunt seniors. With writing a college essay comes a million different stressors, but with the proper resources, students can put together an essay without getting overwhelmed.   

College essays can be scary when you’re starting off, with millions of different prompts, the fear of writing about the wrong topics, students may not know where to begin. But this year, we are fortunate enough to have new faculty members Mrs. Sheryl Parker, and Ms. Emily Bobadilla, here for seniors that need assistance with everything college. 

“Essays are an excellent way to let the college know more about you and your character,” Parker said, “They also demonstrate your writing skills and style. An essay is an opportunity for colleges to view your application with a holistic approach. A well written essay can help offset SAT or ACT scores.”

When it comes to choosing a topic for your essay, using the prompt provided is the most helpful thing you can do. Try not to stray away from the objective of what the prompt wants you to get across. 

“I would suggest students keep their essays positive and demonstrate personal or educational growth,” Parker said,  “It is a good practice to show how the student faced, and overcame, an obstacle in their life experience. Another suggestion would be to discuss an accomplishment.  Overall, keep the message positive by focusing on a positive outcome.”

The most common challenge students face is how to balance the time needed for college essays and applications with senior year responsibilities such as homework, part time jobs, athletics and extra-curriculars. Here are a few tips to not get overwhelmed:

  1. Keep a calendar of deadlines.
  2. Allocate time for college applications the same way you would their classes.
  3. Start early and do a little at a time.
  4. Don’t wait until the last minute or you will get overwhelmed. 

Mrs. Parker and Ms. Bobadilla are available in the College and Careers Center from 8 a.m..-5 p.m. every school day, no appointment needed. The most important thing seniors can do to make this whole experience as smooth as it can be is join the Senior Google Classroom, which includes links to a variety of resources to scholarships, college applications, FASFA applications, and many college essay resources.  


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