FLAWLESS LIKE ME: Lucki Album Review

“FLAWLESS LIKE ME” has been anticipated for basically three years, and it was finally released last Friday. Lucki has teased on his Twitter about having an “idol” on FLM, and fans speculated that this idol was Future.

The speculation was right, as they collaborated on the song “KAPITOL DENIM”. I was really excited to hear this as I’ve been listening to an unhealthy amount of Future. 

I think the album overall is really good. His last album “WAKE UP LUCKI” I will admit, was lacking. I don’t find myself going back to it and only a couple of songs really stuck with me. I feel like FLM was a huge step up from that. I don’t think it’s his best album but I try not to compare his new projects to his old ones as he was going through such different adversity during those times. 

Some of my favorite songs from this album are “KAPITOL DENIM”, “COINCIDENCE”, “WHITE HOUSE”, “13”, “LIFE MOCKS ART”, and more, but I can’t make this list too long. I really like the album and I think it was a great redemption from “WAKE UP LUCKI”.

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