Volleyball Finishes First District Round

Volleyball bounced back after their first district loss of the season on Wednesday against Alamo Heights, sweeping the sets in an away game against Highlands on Sep. 23.

“We just focused on what we were doing and focused on what we can control, and let that influence our play and not let that distract us on what we needed to do,” senior Mandy Flores said.

The Highlands crowd kept the atmosphere intense the entire game, making sure the student section was active and the gym was loud.

“Even though we were at an away game this time, we really wanted to show everyone, even without the crowd we just had to build our own motivation instead of getting it off our student section,” Flores said. “I think we did a really good job with that.”

The team is now currently on its bye week, not playing another game until Sep. 30 against Brackenridge. 

“I think it gave us a really good way to go into our week that is technically off, even though we’re still gonna be putting in the work, but I think it’s important to end with a good win,” Flores said.

This game marked the end of the first round of district, and the team finished 7-1 in district play for the first round. Despite this amazing record, the team is prepared for competition to level up its play for the second round.

“Next round is gonna be a little bit tougher just because people are gonna be keeping an eye out for us,” Flores said.

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