Not Quite Hellfire: New D+D Club

Imagine a world with wizards, golems, and all kinds of mythical creatures roaming about, accompanied by epic battles. This is the world the Dungeons and Dragons club is creating at MacArthur. They had their first meeting after school on Sept. 13, 2022, where the group was a mix of kids who had been playing the game for years, and others who had never explored it before. 


Junior, Hudson Bell, is a member that had never played the game before. He was motivated to learn the game, create his character, and participate as much as he could in it.


“I look forward to just playing it and trying to understand it more,” Bell said.


Unlike many other activities on campus, the Dungeons and Dragons club wasn’t created and organized by a teacher; it was put together by a single student, Sabrina Wulff. Sabrina wanted to create this organization for anyone who enjoys the game as much as they do, or who wants to learn more about it.


“I really like D&D and I wanted to have fun at school, and play D&D with some friends, make some new friends, and be the driving force in that,” Wulff said.


Many people don’t know what the process is like for making a club at school. It can also be an entirely different step to try and get it approved by the school administration. However, Wulff was able to accomplish all of it to create this group.


“It took a while, we had to go through some red tape,” Wulff said. “I made the bylaws, and I also had to get it approved and get our first meeting, so it’s been a little bit of a journey”.


Mrs. Villarreal, a junior class English teacher, is the one that agreed to sponsor this club as a way to show support for her students.


“What I love about this game is the level of thinking that has to happen, you know, with strategies and all that,” Villareal said. “In the past, I’ve had students who have created a D&D class and played during lunch, and every single person who was in that lunch group is amazingly successful”.

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