Unlimited Love for the Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers began their world tour including songs from their new album “Unlimited Love” which released Apr. 1, but also performed classics. Making their way around the world they finally arrived in Arlington, Texas. Taking place in the Globe Life Field Sunday Sept. 18. While touring they were also promoting their upcoming album “Return of the Dream Canteen” which is set to release Oct. 14.  

The concert at Globe Life Field held mountains of people- I was already in my seat when 6:30 hit and the first performer walked on stage. I was extremely excited to see both of the opening acts.

  Thundercat would perform first because on the stage there was a huge prop of a cat’s face the size of two and a half roadies tall. When he came on the stage the cat’s eyes lit up changing from red to blue. He played for 30 minutes including “Them Changes” and “Funny Thing”. When he played it felt extremely raw and personal. After a short intermission The Strokes came on. Starting off strong with “Meet Me in the Bathroom”  they sounded so good. They sound exactly like their recordings and I think that’s okay, it was simple, not exactly a lively performance but very stand-and-sing. I still enjoyed their sound. My favorite song which they sang was “ Last Nite”. They had a bunch of colorful lights flashing on the screens behind them. The patterns look like a really big kaleidoscope exploded. 

The Strokes ended close to 8 p.m. it would then be an hour wait till RHCP took the stage. The roadies then cleared the stage setting up everything including a really big gong with their logo on it. During intermission they had a screen pop up with a phone number saying “ TEXT US NOW ”.  I didn’t, which I regret, for some reason I thought it would give my phone a virus, or I would end up on the black market.

The stage then went dark, but kept a blue glow, and from the right side of the stage came  Chad, Flea, and John. They got associated with their instruments and just started jamming out, which then led them into the intro of “Can’t Stop” everyone was screaming. It was constant screaming. Their performance was the best I’ve ever seen. Flea of course was jumping everywhere, everyone in that stadium was so energetic all the way through. They performed for almost two hours straight. It was the trippiest concert I’ve ever been to, the screens behind them were psychedelic and unique. They played almost everything I was wishing for. “By The Way” being my all time favorite I was so happy when they played it as the closer. 

When they finally left the stage and the lights came back on I was still in awe and amazed. That bubble popped when I realized it was going to be a nightmare to get out of the building. Then after getting out of the building, getting to the car and getting out of traffic was even worse. Roads with lines that stretch forever. I will say I would fight my way through the building, and walk a mile to the car 20 times if I gotta to see them again.

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