Chasing The Gold:Osorio XC stand out

Samantha Osorio, Varsity XC runner, has continuously medaled in her races this season. Inching closer and closer towards her goal of advancing from the district meet and beyond.


Q: How do you prepare yourself for a meet?

A: Before I race, I kinda just isolate myself like I’m getting in the zone. I don’t like talking to anybody or doing anything, except I stretch a whole lot. I don’t really warm up because I want to stay fresh for the actual thing.


Q: Do you workout on your own outside of practice?

A: Yes, after school I run maybe two miles or three if I have the time.


Q: What is your PR?

A: A personal record for a 5k would be 19:32, but in a race for a 5k is has been a 20:20 for this season.


Q: What do you like about cross country?

A: I like that it’s an individual kinda thing and there’s no losing cause it’s just like by yourself and every race you could improve like “oh I did really good in those hills” or “oh I kept a really good pace the entire time” or “that’s a new pr.” 


Q: What is your hope for this season?

A: I hope I can make it to regionals because I kinda messed up last year, but I know i can do it, I just really got to push.


Q: What goals do you have going into the next meet?

A: I wanna get higher than 8th cause last meet I got 8th, so I’m hoping for like 5th. That’s my goal right now.


Q:Where do you see yourself in the future in cross country?

A: Regionals hopefully. This season and next year.

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