Styles Spreads Love On Tour 2022

Harry Styles stole our hearts 12 years ago when One Direction first formed. He then began his solo career in 2016, which took off immediately. Three albums later, Styles is back on tour with five different cities in the US. Including two shows in Toronto, Canada, 16 shows in New York City, five shows in Austin, Texas, five in Chicago, Illinois, and 15 shows in Los Angeles, California. 

On the opening night in Austin, Styles kept it stylish with an outfit based off of UT colors to show his spirit, and in between songs, he even yeehawd for the audience. 

Styles was joined by various openers in each city, featuring Blood Orange, Ben Harper, Madi Diaz, Gabriels, and Jessie Ware. For the show at the Moody Center in Austin, he performed alongside Gabriels, an upcoming band that began on American Idol. 

I was fortunate enough to attend his opening show on September 26, with my sister. Gabriels was a band I wasn’t expecting to enjoy as much as I did. I arrived at the show a little early, and then after an excessive amount of merch being bought, we headed to our seats. Gabriel’s performed some of their most popular songs, all with amazing vocals by their lead singer, Jacob Lusk. Everyone in the arena was on their feet with their phone flashlights cheering for the band. 

Styles finally came on stage around 9p.m., wowing the crowd with his new intro for the concert, and starting it off with a fan favorite from his new album, “Daydreaming”. The crowd was unbelievable, everyone screaming the lyrics to every song, dancing, and enjoying the energy. 

He followed with one from his second released album, an all time favorite, “Golden”. On his first “Love On Tour”, Styles opened with “Golden”, so it was very nostalgic for fans who went to his first tour to hear it live again. 

Styles sang a majority of songs from his newest album, “Harry’s House”, songs such as “Matilda”, “Satellite”, “Love of My Life”, “Keep Driving”, and “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”. He also played one of the songs from his old band, One Direction, surprising the crowd and they screamed the lyrics to a classic, “What Makes You Beautiful”. As a well known fact, Styles’ loves to connect with the audience members during shows. After playing “Treat People With Kindness”, he paused to read some of the fans’ posters standing in the pit, making everyone laugh and treasure being a Harry fan. 

Approaching the last songs of the show, the audience grew anxious for the finale, and it could be felt throughout the entire arena. Styles had three encores, finishing off with songs from his first released album and latest, “Sign of the Times”, “As It Was”, and last but not least, “Kiwi”. 


There is something unexplainable about the feeling of walking out of the center, with feathers, glitter, and rhinestones everywhere, seeing every girl wearing her new merchandise shirt leaving the parking lot, and making friends with other fans while you’re waiting to get picked up. Harry Styles concerts are a whole different world. There is an infinite amount of love and kindness being spread throughout the crowd, and Harry’s amazing interaction with the audience makes everyone feel safe while having the time of their life.

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