Acing To The Playoffs

The volleyball team finished up their final two games of the regular season, losing a hard-fought matchup in an away game against Alamo Heights, and beating an improved Highlands team in the team’s last home game of the year. Aside from the freshman and JV teams both having amazing seasons with 15-1 records, varsity finished 2nd in district standings this year with a 14-2 record, falling only behind the undefeated Alamo Heights team.

“I feel like [the game against] Alamo Heights really prepared our team for playoffs because it gave us an opportunity to show what we can really do on both the physical and mental scale,” senior Arsela Martinez said.

Despite losing all three sets to Alamo Heights, the team kept all three sets competitive and very close until the end.

“They came out with every ounce of heart and fight and desire to prove what they can do,” Head Coach Liverett said. “I think we made great adjustments from the first round and executed the game plan, and that just says so much to the growth that this team and program has been going through the last few years, so I was just so proud of them and the confidence that they played with.”
Following the game against Heights, the team finished out the season in a must-win game against Highlands. A loss would have resulted in a tie for second place in district, so the team had to win to ensure their spot in the final standings. After a slow start and a few mistakes, Highlands took advantage and won a close first set, but the team figured it out and proceeded to win the next three sets.

“I think they decided ‘yeah that’s not good enough for us’ and they were gonna fix what they needed to fix and get down to business,” Coach Liverett said. “I think that sets two, three, and four showed what the team meant for the game to be and how they meant it to be and what they’re made of and really set the tone going into the playoffs.”

The regular season finale was also the team’s senior night, in which the team recognized its four senior players and senior manager in a pre-game ceremony.

“Our senior class is just a phenomenal one that really took what we learned about leadership and raising our standards to what we need them to be to be at the level of success that we want to take our program,” Coach Liverett said. “Those five ladies really led the charge on that and I’m just so proud and thankful for them.”

With the conclusion of the regular season, the team is facing completely new competition with its new placement in 5-A for UIL contests. The team’s first round matchup was against Medina Valley, in which the team won all 3 sets.

“We know we have a huge target on our back,” Coach Liverett said, “but just like we did during the district season, we want to prove what we’ve worked so hard to get to and achieve and make a great strong playoff run.”

Starting playoff play, the team’s first round matchup was against Medina Valley, in which the team won all three sets. After winning Bi-Distict, the next round will be played on Friday, Nov. 4.

“We have worked through all the small dips and turns, and have built such a strong connection within one another. We preach the importance of sisterhood, and seeing that unfold both in and outside of the court is exciting,” Martinez said.


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