Choir Clinic

Sharing their love and creating a passion for singing, PFC Choir hosted a workshop and dinner for the students of Bradley and Driscoll on Oct. 25th. The clinic gave the middle schoolers a peek into what their future would look like in Mac Choir.


“The clinic gets the kids involved with what we do in the choir program and helps them get better adjusted to the dramatic transition from middle school to high school,” Senior PFC member Teagan Lambert said “, it gives them an idea of the many opportunities that they have at this school.”


The middle schoolers were given a chance to perform with PFC after the clinic to showcase their talent and get a real taste of what it’s like to be in an a cappella group.


“I thought it was fun, I had an amazing time,” Senior PFC member Joshua Hernandez said “, I hope it’s a way to reach out to where they can look up to Macarthur’s choir program.”


This workshop not only gave the middle schoolers an opportunity to connect with their soon-to-be peers, but also a chance to connect with the music and learn how to step out of their comfort zone.


“At the clinic they were very shy,” Lambert said “, because they had PFC and Aperture to encourage them they started dancing and seeing them open up was cool.”


By doing these workshops, Choir hopes to inspire the middle schoolers to continue their interest in singing and join the program when they reach high school. 

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