Voiding the Volunteers

After moving districts, the girls’ basketball team still met up with an old rival, the L.E.E. Volunteers, in an early season matchup on Tuesday, Nov. 8. The game, held in the MacArthur gym, was the team’s first time playing L.E.E. as a 5-A team, even though the 6-A L.E.E. team posted a 1-30 record last season. After a slow start with a 20-20 score heading into halftime, the team took control, outscoring L.E.E. 28-14 in the second half to win 48-34.

“We did have kind of a slow start, but I think it was mainly getting the nerves and jitters out,” senior Gigi Stem said. “After the half, we knew we could accomplish [the win] and it gave us an extra push. We reignited that want for a good win. We could see we were up and doing well, all we had to do was seal it.”

Being the first non-scrimmage home game of the season, the home crowd and familiar atmosphere positively impacted the team.

“Pride is a big thing when being at home, so we really wanted to go out there and play our best,” Stem said. “Being at home and surrounded by our home atmosphere, our friends, family, and faculty really makes a difference. The energy level and support is just so different and really helps drive a team.”

While the final score looks like a dominant win, inconsistencies loomed during the outing with just six points for the team in the second quarter and just nine in the fourth quarter. While not scoring much in the final minutes of the game, the team’s great first and third quarters, along with lockdown defense allowed for the home win.

“We just have to work on being consistent,” Stem said. “Putting four good quarters together, energy, scoring, communication. I think we have the right mindset, we just have to execute and be consistent.”

Along with all other sports at the school this year, district play will look a lot different than past years, with basketball playing teams like Highlands, Edison, and Brackenridge in district play. These schools that the team isn’t used to playing will lead to an unpredictable but hopeful season.

“I think we have a good season ahead of us,” Stem said.

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