Turkey Day Traditions

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving by having your entire family sit around the table with a giant turkey and 20 other foods? Or do you celebrate by having a Friendsgiving with your group of friends? Or maybe you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all? Whether you spend Thanksgiving one of these ways or none of these ways, there are so many ways people are going to spend Turkey Day.


“I’m going to a Friendsgiving with PFC, we are like family and it’s a really fun tradition for us,” junior Christina Manzo said. 


There is also people who are trying to figure out how to fit their extended family around the table, and, of course, the best part of the holiday for many people is the food. 


“We always go to my grandmother’s house and each person brings their own dish,” junior Isabella Sumner said. “My tía makes this jalapeño dip, and she’ll bring that, and we bring mac and cheese.” 


For other people, the most important thing about this holiday is being grateful for the people and joys in your life.


“My favorite part of this holiday is to reflect and appreciate those around us that we love and have been there for us even in hard times,” senior Charis Marin said.


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