From One General To Another: PALS/StuCo Donations

The feeder schools are important; they are the future of Mac culture, and helping them is helping us. Through the help of Dollar General, Student Council and PALS distributed boxes of supplies, getting them out right before winter break. 

The old ISS room was filled with unlabeled boxes of supplies that Dollar General delivered in a Semi-Truck. Which the students then organized when they got back from summer. 

“ At the very end of last school year they contacted me, and then over the summer is when it got delivered to us,” Assistant Principal Mr. Clewett said. “Dollar General said we would love to donate to all these different schools.”

There were 10 schools that PALS and StuCo took supplies to. StuCo got Regency Elementary School and Bradley Middle School. 

“It was important for them to have enough supplies just in case they ever run out or just those who are a little less fortunate and they need supply from the school,” Stu Co-President Maya Martinez said.  


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