New Year, New Intentions

Many people have different ways of celebrating the new year, whether it’s watching fireworks, throwing a party. Something that seems to be consistent with a new year are the goals people set for themselves for the year. At MacArthur, students have a variety of intentions for 2023.Some of these goals can consist of getting better grades, eating healthier, doing more community service, and so many more. 


“My goals for 2023 are to focus more on taking care of my mental health more than anything else”, junior Alexa Navarro said. “I hope to achieve these goals by having a balance between my school life and personal life, and not letting my grades determine my worth”, Navarro said.


Many students have several goals that focus more on their personal life, however there are other people who have intentions that apply to theiracademic prowess. Things they want to achieve or pursue to better themselves in school.


“My main big one is time management skills because I’m a really big procrastinator, and if I use time management and schedule my stuff out for the day I will get what I want to get done for the day”, sophomore Kalleigh Hodges said. 


So many people are looking to expand their social habits as well. Many have the desire to help out more, change their disposition, and be more optimistic for the future.


“My first resolution is to smile more”, senior Joshua Hernandez said. “My second resolution, or goal, is to look at the water glass half full, and be more positive and uplifting. My third resolution [goal] is to read more books”, Hernandez said. 


For so many people, setting goals is crucial to making the year count, and making sure that things are accomplished.


“I think there’s always room for improvement in within everybody and nobody’s perfect”, Hernandez said. “Everybody has a goal to reach the person they want to be, and I think making those little goals throughout a year can help to make you become the person you want to be”, Hernandez said.

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