Girls Basketball: Fast Break in the New Year

Varsity Girls Basketball has had a tough season with a total of six wins and six losses so far, while the JV girls continue to be undefeated. Looking back at the season, there were some moments to remember.


“My favorite game so far has been against Alamo Heights,” JV player Sophia Willie said, “ it was a good game and it was challenging.”


Luckily, the new year brought a fresh start and things are looking up for both teams after winning their first games in 2023 against Lanier.


“I’m most proud of how we have done as a team and how well we work together,” Willie said “my expectation is to hopefully win district champs.”


For the JV team, district champ is an attainable goal with only eight games left in their schedule. Hoping to finish the season with the title of undefeated is another goal of the team.


“I think I’ve been doing well on achieving what I wanted out of the season,” Willie said, “we just need to play the way we have been and not get into our heads.”

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