Course Awareness: What to take next year?

This month students will receive course selection cards to choose their courses for the next school year. On Jan. 10, eighth-grade students from Driscoll, Garner, and Bradley Middle Schools toured the campus to see what the school has to offer for their future classes. The middle school students were escorted into the auditorium where there were presentations from different programs and electives on campus, such as choir, JROTC, MacUp, and more. Not every class was represented though, so here are some examples of classes that incoming freshmen, and current Mac students, aside from seniors, can choose from.

One class that is often overlooked or not mentioned is Medical Terminology. This class is beneficial for students who have the desire to go into the field of medicine. Even if students are still trying to figure out what they want to do, the class is worth taking as they can learn about different aspects of medical science.

“We learn prefixes and suffixes of different medical words and how to break down the big words”, junior Emilia McClintock said. “We learn what everything means too, and we learn how the human body functions along with drawing our depictions of the body and labeling all the different aspects.”

Another program that many middle school students are not aware of when they enter high school is the CTE program. CTE stands for Career Technical Education. CTE encompasses programs for nursing, engineering, construction, and technology. Students get to shadow professionals in their field of interest, and get hands-on experience.

“My favorite part of CTE is working together as a team because you get to learn a lot and how to take on the opinions of your other team mates”, junior Ravneek Singh said. “Another lesson is that don’t depend on others to think they will do your part of work. Do it yourself and do it properly well”, Singh said.

Another program worth mentioning is Audio/ Video Production, Principles of Arts, Audio/Video, Communication, and Animation. All of these classes do different projects and work to make scripts, film small movies, edit videos, and so much more.

“Well for one thing, this class overlaps in so many things that they need to know and learn for other classes, like if they have to do projects for other courses, they can, maybe, use the software to help them with other things,” Mrs. Diana Lookabaugh said. “There are people who I didn’t even know would be leaders, and coming out and being leaders, those who are really quiet are starting to open up, and they are working together and making sure each other are responsible.”

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