Are CDs and Vinyls Making a Comeback?

It’s 2023 and there are even more ways for people to listen to music, such as streaming songs on apps like Spotify and Apple Music. There seems to be a trend that is making a comeback though: CD’s and vinyls. When all of these music apps were being created everyone thought that CD’s and vinyls would stay in the past, however that doesn’t seem to be the case in this day and age.


“I do listen to them a lot”, sophomore Alayna Sorensen said. “I have a little CD player, and I just put it on when I’m cleaning my room, or reading, or something like that, but I feel like CD’s play a pretty big role when I listen to music”.


While many people are drawn to these items from the past for sentimental reasons, others are simply drawn to the 90’s scene. CD’s, vinyls, record players, VHS, 90’s rap, punk rock, and so much more.


“I feel like 90’s are making a comeback but in a good way”, Sorensen said. “I feel like everybody is just realizing how good the music was, and so they’re really trying to get back the music that experimented with more sounds, and that kind of gave a good feel to it”.


For others, those throwbacks to the past never left. Many students have parents that have been avid collectors of memorabilia of their favorite musicians since their own teenage years.


“My dad collects vinyls so we have a record player, we have several in our house, and we have so many vinyls, and it’s so much fun to just sit there and flip through the lyric books and look at the covers, and just kind of hold the music”, senior Sofia Crowe said.


So are CD’s and vinyls making a comeback? It seems to be that way for many people. The feeling is starting to spread as others encourage their friends and family to invest in these items that later become precious memories.


“I think it’s more fun kind of to have a more tangible piece of music instead of just digitally, as convenient as that is”, Crowe said. “I think it does have a big sentimental value”.

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