Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

After six seasons of the original “Jersey Shore”, the show has returned for the sixth season of its “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” spin off show. The eight roommates the world fell in love with back in 2009, return once again. 

The “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” show has the same cast from the original, Nicole Polizzi (Snooki), Paul DelVecchio (Pauly D), Jenni Farley (Jwoww), Mike Sorentino (The Situation), Vinny Guadagnino, and Deena Buckner, excluding Samantha Giancola (Sammi Sweetheart), and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, although he appears in the first few seasons. The show follows the roommates going on vacations together and navigating adulthood as most of them are married, and have kids they bring on the vacations with them, hence the “Family Vacation” title. 

In the beginning of the series, it had the same feeling as the original, roommates going crazy, partying all night, pulling extreme pranks on each other, lots of drama, etc. But by the sixth season, the roommates have seemed to grow up, they are classy and mature, but they still have that hint of Jersey attitude that brings it all together. 

In the first season the casting directors brought back Angelina Pivarnick, an old roommate that was in the first two seasons of the original series, to prank Mike. To everyone’s surprise, she ended up becoming a lasting castmate, and has been kept on the show since her appearance in season one. In the first series, Angelina was not a very likable roommate. In both seasons she was in, she ended up starting so much drama that she left halfway through the season both times. But, in “Family Vacation”, Angelina became someone I now love. She became one of my favorite roommates because of how funny and random she can be, and how much of a genuinely good person she is. 

The show tends to sometimes get personal with the roommates, and this season they have been zeroing in on Angelina, who just went through an insanely rough divorce, and having her give more personal interviews about it. When they do personal scenes like this I think it really gives viewers an insight on what each roommate is really going through, and it makes you love all of them so much while also connecting on a personal level. 

I have been a Jersey fan since the beginning, it’s my all time favorite show and I can watch the original series over and over and not get tired of it. Snooki and Jwoww almost single-handedly changed fashion back in the 2000s, making animal print the new style, big fluffy boots that go up to your ankle a trend, and big hair poufs that made people stand out. 

I love the fact that they bring this big family back together every year and continue doing this show that has had fans for almost 20 years. This show has shaped so many lives and really began the cast’s lives as well. I hope they continue to make more seasons of this spin off for years to come.

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