TMEA: Three Days of Music and Education

Music is is a major part of school programs and student lives, as well as the teachers who run these classes. TMEA is the organization that supports the world of music education within the state of Texas. On February 8 through 11, TMEA hosted a convention for music educators in downtown San Antonio. MacArthur’s own music directors all went to the convention, and there was a lot to learn from the experience.


“The best part is finding and seeing your friends again [that] you haven’t seen for a while, collaborating with them,” head choir director Anna Gann said. 


During these conventions, there are performances from choirs, bands, and musical groups from around Texas. It allows for directors to see the potential of other groups and lean from one another.


“The concerts are inspiring. I see what other choirs sound like,” Gann said. “It gives me a very good way to improve my ear before I go to contest, to make sure we are doing what we’re supposed to be doing”.


This past convention isn’t the only one that is held for music teachers. There are other opportunities for educators in Texas to get together and discover new ways to instruct their classes.


“Actually it’s twice a year. We go to one in July, which is TCDA, Texas Choral Directors Association,” Gann said. “It’s like two times a year [that] I know that I’m going to be replenished and filled back up, and give more tools in my tool box, so that I can use [them] for y’all”.




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