Women’s History Month

With March being Women’s History Month, and March 8, 2023, being International Women’s Day, there are a lot of women from history that are being celebrated. Many young people today are inspired by women, whether it’s the women in their families, a musician, a scientist, and more.

“I think women’s history month should be celebrated because we’ve come very far, with more opportunities and better education for ourselves”, junior Rebecca Cruz said. “We continue to have the determination to fight for basic rights, or for something we know should be available to us, and are continually torn down by society and men, but never give up”.

While there are many women from history and current society that have a meaningful legacy for many, there are also women within everyday life that inspire and make a difference.

“Honestly, it would have to be my mom and my fellow teachers because they are so hardworking, and honestly, for the most part, they never get the credit”, senior Giselle Villarreal said. 

Women’s history is not only an opportunity for women to celebrate other women but also for men to honor and respect the women in their lives and those they look up to.

“I definitely think boys should celebrate women’s history because first of all, we’re all humans so we should all celebrate each other, and we should definitely always be looking forward to better things to come, and always be there to support one another no matter what your gender is”, junior Erik Ferman-Citalan said.

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