Exam Exemptions With a New Twist

This year’s requirements for exam exemptions have changed due to COVID no longer being a threat to students and their education. The difference this school year holds is drastically different than the 2022 school year. Students are required to maintain an 80 or above to be exempt from upcoming exams. Each course must be passed and absences have to be limited to 3. 


The school board has decided to implement a system that stops students from using their exemptions for the upcoming exams. The school year of 2021-2022 was known to be the school year of freedom and privilege for those who put the work and dedication into the school year. 


To be exempt from an exam, you have to sustain a three and under tardy and absent record from the beginning of the T3 semester. Students who have exceeded the limit are required to take every exam NEISD appointed.


However, these exam exemptions gave students the comfort of knowing they have finished out the year with grades that they deem acceptable and archived to the best of their ability. The reasoning behind the latest exam exemption rules is the fact that exam and standard testing begin to get in the way of students learning an ability to work around newly implemented schedules. 


This decision to bring back the exam exemption policy Many students have spoken about the changes that were made without their knowledge regarding the testing rules. 


Sophomore Zion Zarbcousin felt that the new protocol does not allow her to take time off and reflect on the school year without worrying about the upcoming exams she is forced to take.


“School tests should not affect the way we as students are learning. I feel like students shouldn’t base their knowledge on tests. Instead of learning about unuseful things that this world does not require, schools should focus on important things such as tax understanding and helping young adults from going into debt at such a young age.” said Zarbcousin.


Due to COVID happening so abruptly and changing the way students got to class and learned the policy was swiftly put into place. Exemptions were a way for students to be rewarded for their hard work throughout the year. Many students and faculty members have different views on the new policy 

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