Nothing but Love: Q&A with Rylie Marafioto

by | Presley Crenwelge

Staff Reporter


Rylie Marafioto is a Senior on the tennis team, a PAL, president of the Math Mu Alpha Theta, NHS treasurer, part of the Student to Student club, and in the top ten of her class. She’s known for academics and tennis, but what else? Get to know a little bit about Rylie and what she plans to do after graduation. 


Q: How did you get into tennis? 

I started tennis when I was in fourth grade at a summer camp, it kinda just went from there. I loved it and I started playing everyday, then I started going to clubs, and I joined my middle school tennis team. I just loved the game and enjoyed playing it all the time, the community around it is just wonderful.


Q: Do you want to continue with tennis after high school?

I want to put academics first and make sure I prioritize business and getting a degree. I would still love to play tennis on the side, like a club or intramural but just not for my career because I wanna focus on getting good grades. 


Q: Your shirt says power play tennis, what is that? 

I founded a free tennis camp over the summer for incoming seventh-ninth graders. It was here at MacArthur, the people on my tennis team here volunteered to coach. I got sponsors and people to fund it, I started it from scratch. 


Q: You play the guitar, how did you get into that? 

During the COVID outbreak, when it was really bad outside and we had to stay inside, I taught myself how to play guitar using YouTube and ultimate guitar. I bought a guitar with my own money during COVID, I learned how to read tabs in my free time. It just evolved and I started taking lessons and then I started playing in bands and doing shows. I got invited to perform two times with a San Antonio public band, vanity project. 


Q: Why do you want to go to UT or NYU?

They have some of the top ranked business schools, and I’d love to possibly go into the music business or industry and make some big bucks. 


Q: So do you want to play the guitar in the music industry? 

I would still love to play the guitar, just not for money. I wanna get into production, event management, record labels, on that side of it. Maybe kinda financial, an accountant, big dolla sign. 


Q: Who is your dream person to manage in the music industry?

That’s a hard question. Probably a band like Big thief, they’re like folk/alternative, just really good. 


Q: Is there anything else you want to say?

I love to travel, I love the guitar, and I’d love to go to UT or NYU.

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