Find Your Shelf-Book Club Origins

by | Kaii Campos

Staff Reporter


Hobbies are something everyone has. People will tell students high school clubs are the perfect place to embrace their hobbies and passions, and find people just like them. Everyone tells teens to join a highschool club so they can find their people and be involved in things they love, but for Alayna Sorensen that proved to be a little more difficult. 


“During freshman year, I wanted to find a club that I could be part of, but when I looked around there was not really stuff that I was too heavily interested in so I figured that I’d start my own club, and created a book club,” Sorensen said.


She founded the club with Mr. Lopez as the sponsor, along with Ms. Nunez as the co-sponsor, in hopes of creating a space where she and others could share their interests and passion for reading and literature, as well as make some new friends and be comfortable with the people around them. 


“Every meeting is on Tuesday and in the meetings we usually read for about 20 minutes then do an activity. But this year I wanna get more professional with it, so we plan on going on more field trips and also doing group reading like buying a book for everybody in the club and reading that all together.” Sorensen said. 


The book club is looking to be more involved and do group activities, and as president of the club, Sorensen is at the head of all the ideas. She wants to take the group on field trips to public libraries or picnics, where the group can enjoy a little fresh air while having fun in a shared interest. 


“I’m very confident in my position, I worked it up from the beginning and, I don’t know, I feel like I carried this with a lot of dedication and I feel pretty confident as a president.” Sorensen says. 

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