9/11 Forgotten?

by | Salma Cano

Staff Reporter

Over the years, 9/11 has been less recognized at school and beyond. This year, there was no extended moment of silence during morning announcements or any mention of it to the school as a whole on this occasion.

“At the time, I was in the Air Force, and I was stationed in Colorado Springs,” Achieve teacher Sang Barasch said. “It’s been 22 years since it happened and I guess they just think it’s not as important as it was.”

Many families have also been affected by this event in history. There are many families that still don’t know the way that their loved one’s life was taken away. 

“A lot of loved ones and a lot of important people went through many things that still need to be recognized because, these things could happen again, and we need to learn from these things and be more protective over our country,” sophomore Neccy Banderas said.

This event in history is significant because of the shift that occurred within society afterward, such as more broad-based communication networks and a reshaped global response to terrorism.

“It changed how we view certain people and certain countries,” senior Grace Ortega said. “We have changed our opinions about people over the years.” 

Students are great for coming up with ideas to show appreciation for those who may have been affected by this tragedy.

“I’d say, the first thing that came to mind would be letters. I mean, letters to the family members that lost somebody, and to the first responders, because they helped and sacrificed a lot, ” junior Cynthia Plaza said.

Many people think of this day as a crucial event in history because of the 3,000 lives that were taken from 93 different countries as a result of the many terrorist and suicide attacks committed. 

“I think it’s sad that it’s not being recognized as often, because there were a lot of lives lost and families that still suffer because of the loss of their family members,” Plaza said.


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