A Team That Made History

by | Gianna DiPasquale



After playing a memorable game against Burbank, the varsity girl’s basketball team won district champs for the first time in 74 years. The team made history, as well as an incredibly strong bond.


“The sisterhood,” senior Lyah Neira said. “The bond and chemistry is a huge part of creating a solid foundation for a successful team.”


Becoming district champs is no small effort. There is a large amount of work and determination that has to come from the players in order to achieve their goal.


“We prepared by knowing where their shooters were at, beating them to the spot they were heading to prevent them from scoring, and just having confidence in one another,” Neira said.


This moment was not only meaningful for the school, but it also held a lot of importance for the seniors such as Neira who are graduating. There’s a desire to achieve certain things before leaving, which is what they did.


“Winning district champs as a senior is such a blessing,” Neira said. “It means a lot because I’ll be leaving high school knowing that I was a part of leaving a legacy.”


It has been several decades of the team working towards the district championship, and this year they finally made it. It was a momentous experience for everyone involved.


“Been 74 years and it’s never been outright,” Neira said. “And we did it.”


It’s something that many student athletes dream about. The moment itself is something that the players will hold on to as the school remembers the significance of the game.


“When we became district champions as soon as that buzzer went off. It was a sigh of relief that we won,” Neira said. “That we made history.”

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