Nothing but Love: Q&A with Mrs. Kolenda

Having been at the school for 18 years, Melissa Kolenda has become the Dean of Science and teaches Biology. She has been here for the many changes the school has gone through over the years. 


Q: What are some of the major changes that you’ve seen happen at Mac?


The ROTC and science building being built. The school size shrinking, so that’s going from like 6A to 5A. I’m on my third principal, so that’s kind of been different leadership wise. Those would be probably some of the biggest ones.


Q: What do you think Mac should bring back?


It’s not so much of a bringing back, it’s more seeing the good things that are already here. Mac has always been a place where people take care of each other. Both students, teachers on all the above, and you definitely still see that in pockets and the Mac pride is there, but it’s just not in the force that there have been some years, compared to others. So, it’s there. It’s just that the fire needs to be rekindled and you know, the spark’s definitely still there, just kind of getting it to blow up a little bit more.


Q: What are your favorite things about Mac?


Well, that’s part of it. Everybody takes care of each other. I didn’t go to MacArthur, but my mom did, and I have some family members here that it’s the third generation of Mac grads. My aunt graduated from here and my cousin and her daughter are here as well. So, there’s definitely a root to this school. Definitely the pride that’s here with all of our fun traditions and it makes you proud to be a brahma and something to continue for years to come.


Q: What are your favorite things about teaching?

You crazy children? (Jokingly) No, seeing the growth, seeing the fun things. And even though it can be a daily grind, it’s seeing how kids learn, getting to pass on some of my passions to others. I’ve had a couple of students that are currently teachers here actually. And then I’ve had other students become doctors or using their science skills in lots of different ways. Just seeing kids be successful, whether it’s even being a cashier at HEB but they’re holding on to a job and we’re, you know, doing great things around the country. Just seeing the growth and the little things that I can pass on is really rewarding and a lot of fun to see.

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