Beyoncé New Country Singles: Review

by | Aidan Curtis

Staff Reporter


Rip out the glitter boots and cowboy hats, Beyoncé had her fans gagged when she went from house music to country in her newly dropped singles.

After her Verizon Superbowl commercial aired during the 3rd quarter of the game, she claimed “Okay, they ready, drop the new music,” and then surprise dropped 2 new singles TEXAS HOLD ‘EM and 16 CARRIAGES, and announced a new act in her 3 act project. Both introduce this new genre of country to Beyoncé’s music.

In the first single, she dropped TEXAS HOLD’ EM, she starts the song with a banjo and amazing vocals and I believe she dropped this song just to bring people together and to make people dance. When I first listened to this song I felt some sort of happiness. I knew she was going to go to country because of the rumors that were spreading but I didn’t expect this kind of country. It made me think of something that would be played in a boot store. It seems like a song I can see someone listening to in a country club and line dancing to. Beyoncé sings “Come pour some sugar on me, honey, too, it’s a real-life boogie and a real-life hoedown,” Also, being Beyoncé’s first single of 2024, I would say it was out of the ordinary and different but I love it already.

The second single 16 CARRIAGES has more of a toned-down feel. It still has some really hard guitar in it but has more of a relaxed tone. I feel like this song is supposed to hit you in your feels and she talks in the song about how her dreams are gone and they were taken away from her. When I listened to this one I felt some sort of relief that she hadn’t changed her ways too much. I still felt a bit of old Beyoncé in this one. She sings “16 carriages, driving away while I watch them ride with my dreams away.” I feel out of the two songs this song probably means so much to her and has a really deep meaning beneath it all.

Overall these 2 songs were an extraordinary surprise drop and definitely will get this alien superstar’s fans nice and ready for the new act of her 3-act project.

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