Review: Netflix’s The Brothers Sun

by | Vinson Van

Managing Editor


The Netflix original show The Brothers Sun, an action/comedy about two brothers who are a part of a Taiwanese criminal organization, the Jade Dragons, but they were both raised in two completely different lives. With action packed and well choreographed fight scenes, the show portrays inner struggles with a subtle touch of humor.


Charles Sun played by Justin Chien is raised in Taiwan with his father, who’s the lead of the organization, and he was made into a killing machine. Bruce Sun, played by Sam Li, had his upbringing in a relatively normal life in America with his mom in the city of Los Angeles. After an attempted assassination of the head of the Jade Dragons, Charles has to go to Los Angeles to find his brother and mother. With no prior knowledge about his family in Taipei, Bruce Sun is forced to adapt to how life is as a gangster when his life and his mother’s is threatened by mysterious masked men. He also deals with his personal struggles of meeting his mother’s expectations or following his own passion.


The story is full of twists and turns, with fun and lovable characters. A personal favorite is bloody boots played by Jon Xue Zhang. In the show he encourages Bruce to follow his passion. I love the recurring theme of living your own life instead of living it for others. A good example of this is in the character Charles Sun, through the entire story Charles struggles with living his own life, he was born and raised to “protect the family” under orders of his father. 


Although the humor wasn’t executed at the best of times in many episodes. Similar to other mainstream media, after having a serious moment they make a funny joke right after and it takes away from the moment, and then they get over it in an instant. This for me ruins the flow of the story.


The show is fun to watch, with 8 episodes and being around an hour each. This is a great show to binge during the weekend. Giving this show a 4 out of 5 stars.

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