The Odds Are Ever In Our Favor: Hunger Games Review

by | Talana Tyler



Summer books become more interesting because of the time we have away from school. Novels and movies become a source of entertainment during this time off, while also introducing new hobbies and interests.

The books I’ve read over the summer speak about the impact friends and family have on each other in a world of supernatural difficulty. The Hunger Games shows the importance of disregarding the differences you have in comparison to others. After reading this series, I realize how much of an impact these characters have on the books.

In the book, violence was seen as a way to control the majority of the population. The main character Katniss took the role of a leader while others in the tribe disagreed with her strategies and background.

She rebelled against the Capitol after her father’s death, Katniss and her mother split over their separate views regarding the situation. Although the death affected them both, Katniss’ mother faced more depression after losing her husband.

Throughout the story, Katniss’ character is paranoid because of the crowd and their hatred for her. Many believed she was destined for failure given her family and district background. This series caught my interest due to its character diversity.

Each person had their own forms of leadership while also embracing their personalities. This book brought laughter, confusion and understanding while also entertainment.

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