Billie Eilish Hits Hard With Her New Album

by | Aidan Curtis

Staff Reporter

Billie Eilish goes true blue in her new album HIT ME HARD AND SOFT. Her 3rd album marks her small shift into more of an Electronic pop genre with her normal mixes of sad core. She features some of her most iconic hits on her older albums like Happier Than Ever, bury a friend, bad guy and many more. But this new album harvests a bunch of new hits such as LUNCH, CHIHIRO, BIRDS OF A FEATHER and also many more. Whenever Billie creates an album she never fails to disappoint and always seems to satisfy the fans. While this album does focus on Billie’s experiences in life, it also focuses on her sexuality and coming to terms with that.

Billie has many amazing songs in this new album but L’AMOUR DE MA VIE and BLUE are two songs that genuinely stood out to me. They’re melodic, slow, and fast all in their own ways but L’AMOUR DE MA VIE brings out Billie’s vocals, and the lyrics she brings into this song just go to show she means a lot when she sings. She sings about how the love of her life left her and moved on immediately when they said they never would. BLUE is another one that just sounds like it means a lot to her. A version of the song leaked on January 31, 2022. While she sang it at multiple of her shows after it was leaked, she didn’t end up making it into a full studio version until now. BLUE is about trying to live in a normal world but just being sad and I just feel like it can apply to a lot of people. You never know what someone’s going through and when sadness or depression may be holding them back.

I didn’t necessarily hate any songs on this album but I did feel that the song BIRDS OF A FEATHER was a fairly uplifting and happy song, even though that’s not exactly the vibe of the rest of the album. It did feel a little random to go from CHIHIRO, where Billie sings about being lost to BIRDS OF A FEATHER, where she sings about finding someone to love with the same interests. This track caught me off guard with the positive upbeat tone, and although it’s a great song, it just feels a little weird to be in this album and in the spot that it is.

I’m just barely becoming a Billie Eilish fan but I can proudly call this album a masterpiece. This album mixes a few genres and she just goes to show again that she is a talented artist regardless of her youth. At only 22 and starting at 17, she has 3 albums, an EP, 9 Grammy’s and 2 Oscars. One of the only people so young to have such a title. She’s bright, talented and is going to win more awards and make more insanely brilliant music. These 3 albums are just the beginning of her grand journey in fame.

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