Halo Reach: Many New Changes, Excelled Gameplay

By Michael Lugo | Contributing Writer|

Halo Reach was finally released on Sept. 14. Halo Reach takes place before Halo, and explains the fall of Planet Reach. In any Halo game, you play as the Master Chief; however, in Halo Reach you play as the Noble Six. Noble Six is a rookie and no one knows much about him. His ranks however, are good enough for a noble squad.

Halo Reach has changed the game a lot, from the new and gorgeous visuals to the new and improved game play. Reach brings a lot of new features that some Halo fans may not be used to, such as the new classes. Reach gives you  several new  classes to choose from.

Armor lock is a class that allows you to lock up your armor, and be invincible for a short minute. Hologram allows you to create a Hologram of your character. In addition to these two classes, there are four more — left for you to discover on your own.

Halo Reach now possesses new and improved multiplayer. Multiplayer is now faster. Most likely every Halo player enjoys assassinations in the game, so why not be able to perform them? Now you can. When behind another player in Reach, simply press and hold the “B” button on your controller.

Halo players tend to fondly remember fire fight. These players will be in for a pleasant surprise. Fire fight has stupendous new features. Unlike in Halo ODST, you are able to make “custom skulls,” which allow you to perform a lot of interesting and fun activities.

In addition to all of the other superfluous components of the game, the new Forge World has excelled. The Forge World gives players a wide variety of fun, creative maps to make. Remember in Halo gameplay when you were presented with the challenge of putting a block next to another block? Well now, in Forge World there is a new “interlocking” system which allows you the most accurate tool placing yet. Forge World not only gives you accurate placing and a huge environment, but also a really innovative tool. When you’re placing an object, it will actually stay where you place it, instead of it just falling to the floor. Want to repair a hole in a building? Well, Halo Reach also gives you the option to phase an object through another.

Halo Reach is a game that proves extraordinary. With great visuals, and great gameplay, Halo Reach will keep you entertained for hours. Halo Reach can be found at any game retailer for just $59.99 or for the avid game-player, Halo Reach offers the Legendary Edition for $149.99.  The Fall of Reach will help you remember Reach.

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