Jerzee Boys Concert Big Success

By Christina Dimyan

Madison and MacArthur united Thursday  night for the fourth annual Jerzee Boys concert. It was held at 7:30 at the MacArthur auditorium. All the participants wore their favorite jersey from a sport of their choice.

“I did [Jerzee Boys] for a way to promote men singing in the middle schools. It inspires the young singers to know that it’s okay to be a guy and sing,” Michael Murphy, Madison Choir Director said.

Five feeder schools from the area including Driscoll, Harris, Wood, Bradley, and Garner sang along with Madison and MacArthu .  A total of about 300 students performed at the concert.   Madison started off the show with “Sweet Caroline.” In the end, all of the schools came together for the grand finale, singing “Shine On Me” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” The Countdown Quartet also appeared, singing two songs.

“Jerzee Boys was fun,” said sophomore Johnathon Trevino. “It was great getting to sing with the Mac men and middle schoolers.”

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