Students Consider Military Careers

Photo by Crystal Hernandez | Story By Lorenzo Cisneros |

Military Captains, Staff Sergeant, and recruiters from the Navy, Airforce, and Texas National Guard came together on Nov. 14 to inform students of a career path they may want to take with the armed forces.

“It is very important to have days like this for the students. It opens doors for them that they might have not known were there,” Staff Sergeant Jennifer Payette of Air National Guard said.

Each recruiter had about eight minutes to stand in front of an audience of close to 60 students to tell about their branch and convince the audience that their branch was the best choice to go with if the student wanted to pursue a career serving our country. Afterwards, the students could walk around the Library to the recruit table to talk one-on-one with the recruiters. At such table you could find free gifts such as pens, pencils, stickers, neck lanyards, footballs, soccer balls, and more.

Madison’s Soccer Coach Receives Top Honors

Photo By Brittany Pichler | Story By Kristian Bush |

Soccer coach Audrey Ambrose was inducted into The Texas Association of Soccer Coaches Hall of Fame Nov 19. After 27 years of being involved in high school soccer, she took her team into winning regionals six times and two state championships at Madison. She received The San Antonio Express News Coach of the Year eight times and NSCAA Regional Coach of the Year in 1991. Those are only a few of her many stepping stones that have led her into the hall of fame.

Freshmen Girls Basketball Make Themselves Noticed

Photo By Rania Dotson | Story By Makala Finley |

They are a team that often goes unnoticed, however recognition is all that they deserve. On Tuesday, Nov. 23, the freshmen girl’s basketball team played against Antonian to bring home another win to make their record 3-1. The final score was 40-25. The game was described as a landslide, much like their other games.

“They came off really aggressive, went up 10 points during first quarter, and then stayed ahead the whole game until the fourth quarter when they [Antonian] started pressing us,” head coach Joseph Mcdaniel said. “[The girls] held strong, and Antonian only came within 15 points.”

Freshmen Dunk Their Way Past Taft in Season Opener

Photo and Story By Juan Garcia

If the boy’s freshman basketball team needed to prove anything, they did so by dominating Taft this past Tuesday in their season opener.

The freshman A team cruised to a 71-22 win and the freshman B team opened with a victory as well.

“We did good,” freshman Byron Daniels said. “But I think we can do better as the season moves on.”

The conversion between middle school and high school sounds like an easy switch, but the freshmen are finding it a little difficult.

“Middle school was easy,” freshman Joshua Meno said. “As you get to high school it gets more complicated and you have to learn more plays that get confusing.”

This year’s freshman team had the two eighth grade teams that battled it out for the district title last year. They have joined forces with one goal in mind, to win the district title.

“We were the best team in district last year,” freshman Everardo Torres said. “We are trying our best to win district and go undefeated this year.”

With 20 more games left this year, of which 12 are district games, the freshmen have to merge into one team to reach their goals and have a good season.

“I love all my teammates,” said Torres. “I hope we win districts and have a great season.”

The next freshmen game is scheduled Nov. 23 in the Madison gym at 5 p.m.

Gobble Your Fines Away

Story By Makala Finley

This time of year is a time to be thankful and to help others out, and that’s just what the library is doing. The librarians have recently decided to let students “gobble” their extensive library fines away…by drawing a turkey that is. Just a few months into school, and hundreds of students already owe fines for overdue books. At 10 cents per school day for a late book, fines can rack up fast.

Unfortunately, a majority of the fines are owed by juniors who have recently been checking out books for class reading. If students do not return books and pay fines, then they are unable to check out more books.

Bowling Competes at Kat Cup Invitational

Photo By Jeanette Van Gundy | Story By Marisa Soza

The boys line up on each lane with their feet together, ready to throw the ball. They make four or five steps, and, with the last step, a lunge. The ball flies on the lane and there without warning, ten white pins fall to the floor, a strike!

The boys and girls team competed at the Kat Cup tournament on Nov.14. The tournament was held at College Station in their Grand Central entertainment bowling alley. The top 32 returrning teams from last year’s state competition were invited to compete for the first annual Kat Cup. The top 11 boys from the roster were bowling.

“We’ve prepared to go up [and bowl on difficult oil],” stated Head Coach Paul Smith. “With team chemistry and ability we’ve got a pretty good shot.”

This past Sunday for seven hours the bowling team competed. Most of the five coaches were there helping to support and guide the bowlers at the big tournament. The coaches stood back and continued to stress to the bowlers that making spares will guarantee them to win.

“I think if we all hit our shots and spare, we win,” said Damien Leal, a sophomore bowler.

They knew even better that more than their bowling skills, their mental and team skills came in handy to get them to the next round. The bowlers were confident but humble at the same time because they were competing against the top teams in the state. But there’s no denying that they put up a great fight, ending the competition in the top 8 qualifying third. With the slick oil and different styles of bowling, it was anything but easy.

“It was a great team experience,” said bowler Harrison Jarvis.

Culinary Arts Gives The Gift Of Pie

Photo By Logan Hickman | Story By Richard Hernandez

Thanksgiving is about a week away, and what better way to indulge in this favorite holiday than with a pie from the Culinary department.

“It’s been a tradition many years for Madison,” Chef Ronald McCulloch said.”It generates funds for the program.”

The Culinary department are taking orders on their annual pie sale up until Thursday at 4:00 p.m., with the pies being distributed on Friday. Each pie cost $5.00. Your choices of pies include either Pumpkin, Pecan, or Stagecoach.

“Chef makes ridiculously good food,” Algebra 2 teacher Joseph Henning said. Henning buys a pie every year.

If you’d like to order a one of these three delicious pies,give your order to any Culinary Arts student or email your request to Chef McCulloch.

Some information collected by Hannah Spears

Girls Basketball Season Kicks Off

Photo by Bianca Loera | Story by Lorenzo Cisneros | The girls’ basketball teams have already played two games of their new season in their new gym.

“I’m very excited to see what the [basketball] season holds,” basketball Coach Vanessa Villarreal said. “We have a bunch of new girls so it will be interesting to see how the season plays outs.”

The Lady Mavs opened the season last Wednesday, Nov. 10 with a game against Marshall High School which was a very good start for the Freshman team with a 53-19 win.

Debate Amasses Awards at Local Tourneys

By Samantha Sanburn |

This past weekend, the Debate team competed at the Central Texas Novice Tournament. Almost all who competed placed in their events. Sophomore Brian Gonzales received the Outstanding Novice Award and took half of the awards for the city in Lincoln-Douglass Debate.