Tinker Selected to Create Mural

By Samantha Sanburn

Clif Tinker, Department Chair of the Art Department, was recently selected to paint a mural to be exhibited downtown in February. The mural will have three pieces, with pictures of the colleges in San Antonio and of the major landmarks to “give it a sense of place,” Tinker said.

The mural is to be painted for the San Antonio Education Partnership’s new headquarters, CaféCollege.  CaféCollege is a resource for all high school students in San Antonio to search for college entrance, scholarship and federal financial aid information.

On Feb. 12, 2011, the curtain will come off and the canvases will be unveiled, one more opportunity for Tinker to show his talents and passion.

“I paint because I am an artist. I feel called to express myself like that,” he said.

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