Junior Golfer Makes Name For Herself

By Makala Finley

Dedication is a nifty little attribute. Athletes all over campus show dedication on a daily basis, but for one student the term “dedication” is an understatement. Two years ago, young Sandra Lee moved from South Korea to pursue her dream of being the best golfer in the world.

Before ending  up at Madison to play golf, Lee attended two other Texas High Schools, as well as one high school in South Korea. Upon moving to the United States, Lee dropped a grade and is classified as a junior. Lee plays on the varsity golf team affiliated with the school and plays at other tournaments. In fact, in 2008 at the mere age of just 15,  Lee competed in an individual tournament against 89 other girls and brought home the title of “State Girl’s Golf Champion.” Lee has been golfing for over seven years, and carries her inspiration close to her heart.

“My grandmother introduced me to golf, and how it inspires,” Lee said. “[I] not only play for interest, but also [my] grandma.”

Recently, Lee was at it once again, bringing home another win. At the Northside ISD golf tournament on Oct. 25, Lee shot a 78 — the best on the field.

“I was kinda nervous and excited. This was my second tournament so I knew what I had to do and I just wanted to have fun,” Lee said. “Coach McDonald helped me out a lot.”

Lee has many supporters including faculty, teammates and fellow peers; however within the school is her main support, varsity coach Lyn McDonald.

“She relied on her precision irons and robotic putting to win the tournament,” McDonald said. “Sandra is one of the top girls golfers in the area and she has a very bright future in front of her.”

Aside from her supportive coach, the highlight of her flourishing career are the people who are helping Sandra’s dream come true. The people who packed up their home in Korea and moved to America. The people who continuously searched for houses and enrolled Sandra in schools and they sought jobs; Sandra’s parents.

“[My parents] are very supportive, they go to all of my tournaments and they’re the ones who help me with time management.”

After high school, Sandra would like to attend college and get a degree. After college she plans to become a professional golfer and succeed.

Sandra giggles as she says, “I want to, and plan on being top in the world.”

The next tournament that will continue to motivate Sandra is the district tournament in mid-April which will hopefully propel her to the state competition. Sandra’s gold career is looking up, and she plans to reach for the stars.

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  1. Sunny says:

    Way to go, Sandra! 🙂 Proud of you!

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