Veterans Honored at Solemn Ceremony

By Victoria Guerrero

Senior Adam Grajeda prepares to present ribbons to Veterans. Photo by Shayna Fernico.

Though 64 degrees outside, foggy and rainy, there’s a sea of ROTC and civilians alike all standing in the foyer. Four ROTC students raise the flags that so many honorable men and women served under during the past years. There’s a hush in the foyer. Everyone seems to be spellbound as the flag is raised solemnly.

On Thursday morning the school honored our military for their service on and off the battlefield.  Many people don’t know that Veterans Day, unlike Memorial Day, is set aside to honor all American veterans, living and deceased. This Veterans Day provided an unusual train of events after the weather kept the ceremony from being held outside like originally planned.

“There’s always a plan B,” Master Sergeant Sandoval said proudly, surveying the ROTC students all standing at attention.

Veterans were given blue ribbons with red flowers to distinguish them on Thursday. After a speech from Cadet Captain Jack Scotty, Principal Chris Thomson, and an emotional speech from Lieutenant Colonel Amador Cano, the colors were raised and the national anthem sung.

Math teacher John Gordon receives a ribbon honoring his military service. Photo by Mason Nombrano.

“It was amazing,” junior Brenda Berumen said. “A lot of hard work was put into the ceremony. It was good to see it all come together finally.”

While the ceremony and speeches were beautifully presented, it was the smiles of all the veterans that stood out the most while they were applauded and honored.

“It was nice,” teacher and former Hospital Corpsman Lara LeNoir said. “It [is] very nice to be recognized once in a while.”

It might have been rainy, it might have been early, but the community showed our veterans how much we appreciate them. We may never be able to repay our debt to them but once a year we can try.

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