Mavs Start Their March Into Playoffs

By Richard Hernandez

Every game of the season has helped decide the Mavs’ position in playoffs, and now they stand at game one of the playoffs preparing to play Judson.

The Mavs faced off against the Rockets early in the season and walked away with a 45-28 win.

“It lets us know that they can be beat,” senior center Jake Jauert said, “and we know [Judson] won’t just let us have it, we still have to work for it.”

The Judson Rockets (6-4) have made their way into the playoffs and are a win away from taking the Mavs out of the playoffs. With each game being win or go home, anything is possible. Even though a loss will take them out of the playoffs, the Mavs are hoping to keep their playoff hopes alive.

“We are very hyped,” senior linebacker Andre Wiggins said. “Seniors aren’t planning to go home yet; we are playing for a championship.”

This first playoff game will add some experience to the victor of the game, and could give them a taste of the competition they can expect to have. The experience of past years’ playoffs give them the edge, and may help them march into state.

“The way our bracket is set up we are as good or better than most [teams],” Jauert said. “We can at least make it to semis if we try.”

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