Mavs End Season With Early Loss In Playoffs

By Richard Hernandez

Fresh off a loss against MacArthur, the Mavs were preparing to face Judson, a team that they faced earlier in the season. The team was looking to making a run deep into the playoffs before the game on Friday night.

“We should do great we don’t have a very hard bracket and we [could] go [to] state,” senior Andre Wiggins said.

With high hopes going into the game the Mavs were hoping to repeat the outcome of their first game against Judson, but Judson wasn’t going to let that happen. The Rockets came out, and proved that they weren’t to be taken lightly in playoffs.

Judson had a commanding lead most of the game, with the score of 17-3 going into the half. The Mavs weren’t going out without a fight though, and had a late charge. Late in the third quarter the Mavs scored making it 24-17, and at kick off the team recovered the ball. Even with the fumble from Judson the team was unable to capitalize on the mistake, and the game ended with a 24-17 season ending loss for the team.

“I felt kind of cheated,” senior Tyler Garcia said. “I feel that we could have won that game, but it just didn’t turn out that way.”

The loss was taken hard by all players, but none more than seniors whose high school football careers were over.

“Well everyone took it hard, but it was hard for me being a senior, this will be probably be the last I play,” Garcia added. “It’s just real sad because four years of hard work, all were lost right there.”

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